2013 CRV Statistics for CVUSD

The Conejo Valley Unified School District set a very ambitious goal of recycling 80% of the cans and bottles generated in CVUSD schools. During the 2012-2013 school year, 10 CVUSD schools reported the amount of cans and bottles they recycled each month.

Below is the data that was reported for the month of April 2013. All told, CVUSD schools that reported their data recycled over 400 pounds of cans and bottles in one month – that’s close to TWO TONS of cans and bottles over the course of the school year… for just these ten schools!!
April 2013 Recycling Totals









Schools that shared their information also provided data on the amount of money they earned, in cases where they redeemed cans and bottles for cash.

Total Reported Revenue November - April 2013

Some schools receive material from off-site, such as through drives or regular collections from school families. These include EARTHS magnet, Madrona Elementary and Bridges charter school. Madrona Elementary earned over $300 during their Earth Week Recycle Drive in 2013. As you can see, the numbers can really add up!!

Here are some more bottle and can recycling stats from 2013.

If you have questions reported data or would like any assistance with recycling at your school, contact the City of Thousand Oaks’ School Recycling Coordinator:

Rod Cordova: rcordova@toaks. org; 805-449-2468.