Nature + Man = Treeman = Inspirational!

What could a Tree and a Moon Jelly possibly have in common?

I first met Treeman in October at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium’s Halloween Costume Parade.  I volunteered and led their parade, and Treeman came to help bring awareness to the amazing efforts that Heal the Bay puts toward our ocean environment.

Treeman dedicates himself to increasing people’s awareness of nature around and within themselves.  His inspiration to promote environmental awareness comes from a special place: “As a kid I loved nature. I was born in a tropical place full of colorful houses and open space. Later, I moved to Brooklyn where there were many trees to play in. My love of nature led me to create characters and stories, and Treeman is one of them. My mom (Mother Nature) says that I am a plant-like amphibious celestial being. I’m a reflection of nature; a natural phenomenon just like you! We are all amazing beings here for an amazing purpose.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.52.22 PM

Moon Jelly (yours truly) and Treeman spreading environmental awareness and love of nature.

For now, Treeman is rooted in Venice, CA. One evening, his inspiring nature caught the eye of director/producer Michael Angelo, who had a “Tree Awakening”! Inspired to create a film about artists and their missions to make a difference in the world, he asked Treeman to be the lead feature in “A DocumenTree.”  Treeman felt it was “meant to Tree” and is excited to reach a larger audience, inspire people to unite in a common goal, and care for the environment and each other. They have traveled around the country “Tree times,” visiting exciting places and connecting with beautiful Eco-spirits, from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to New York’s Lower Eastside Girls Club Planetarium.  Treeman even threw the first pitch for Hank’s Yanks! One of Treeman’s favorite trees is the world’s largest, the General Sherman.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.04.53 PM

Michael Angelo and Treeman filming in the woods… Long Island – Patchogue.

People who share their natural gifts with others and the beauty of nature, inspire Treeman. He believes that everyone can make a difference. Having empathy for others and starting small will build the momentum needed to create the healthy environment that nature, animals, and humans can thrive in for generations to come.

Keep your eyes open for Treeman; you never know where he might pop up to help:)

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