Banyan Elementary School

BanyanBanyan Elementary’s efforts are led by fourth grade teacher Brynn Hutchison. Students from her class, along with Student Council, collect recyclables from each classroom. Custodial staff also help with some of the larger containers, like those in the staff lounge and out in the lunch area.

Teacher Brynn Hutchison shows off Banyan's recycling storage shed

Teacher Brynn Hutchison shows off Banyan’s recycling storage shed

All of the cans and bottles are stored in the storage shed that the school received through the CVUSD Recycles program. Mrs. Hutchison works with students to sort and empty the containers. When the cans and bottles start to pile up, Mrs. Hutchison takes them to the recycling center.

The money earned from recycling is used for service projects on the school’s campus. This includes repainting the Star Student Attributes mural in the multipurpose room last year, and replacing the bulletin board in the front of the school two years ago.

Other recyclables are placed in the school’s central recycling dumpster. The District’s waste service provider, Waste Management, empties the recycling dumpster free of charge. So, the more Banyan recycles, the more money they can save the District on waste disposal fees!

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