Conejo Elementary

ConejoElemConejo’s efforts are lead by teacher Joan Shayer. Her class is currently recycling plastic bottles and cans.  The students collect the recyclables from each classroom every Friday and they also have a recycling bin in front of their classroom.  Every Friday after lunch an assigned group of students collect the recyclables from all the rooms on campus including classrooms, offices, the MPR, staff lounge, or anywhere a blue recycling bin has been placed.

Ms. Shayer takes the recyclables to the redemption location once a month and the money is deposited into the school’s PFA account.  The class also encourages everyone to recycle and reuse as much paper as possible.  In addition, at the end of every lunch period, students separate and stack the cardboard “boats” used to serve school lunches so that they can be recycled, too.

In just 3 months in 2013 the school collected over $50 from redeeming bottles and cans on campus.  While this may not seem like much, they are proud to be advocates of keeping these materials out of our landfills and contributing to the PFA funds for the whole school.

The school held an assembly to share the audit results and video so staff and students could see how they can make a difference in helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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