Cypress Elementary


Cypress Elementary is recycling bottles, cans and paper. The school had recycling containers even before the CVUSD Recycles program, but the containers provided through the CVUSD Recycles program allowed them to augment what they already had.

The school ran an aluminum can drive in 2013. Cans were collected both from children and families at the school and from the neighborhood. The cans were redeemed for cash and a total of $120 was raised! The money was used to support the school’s Booster programs.

Lunch tray recycling at Cypress Elementary

Lunch tray recycling at Cypress Elementary

Cypress started collecting the cardboard trays used at lunch so they, too, are recycled. It  increased the school’s recycling rate and also reduced the total volume of trash sent to the landfill. All recyclable materials are placed in a separate dumpster designated specifically for recycling. The District’s waste service provider, Waste Management, empties the recycling dumpster free of charge. So, the more Cypress recycles, the more money they can save the District on waste disposal fees!

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