Horizon Hills

HorizonHillsHorizon Hills is an alternative to traditional preschool, where parents participate in all class sessions or, for 3 to 5-year-olds, about once a week. It is “my school” to about 650 young children and their families.

Since parents are on site regularly, having a robust recycling program in place at Horizon Hills encourages recycling behavior not only at the school but also at the homes of Horizon Hills families.

Horizon Hills received recycling equipment through the CVUSD Recycles program. This included containers for inside each of the school’s classrooms as well as several larger containers for outdoor/common areas.

Some of the containers are used to collect strictly cans and bottles (CRV items) so they can be redeemed for cash. The remaining containers collect other recyclables such as paper and non-CRV plastic and metal containers.

Like all other CVUSD sites, Horizon Hills has a separate dumpster designated specifically for recycling. The District’s waste service provider, Waste Management, empties the recycling dumpster free of charge. So, the more Horizon Hills recycles, the more money they can save the District on waste disposal fees!

Additional information about Horizon Hills: http://www.conejoadultschool.org/parenting/Parenthome.htm

Contact: Coordinator Eileen Green, 805-492-8837, EileneG@conejo.tec.ca.us