Ladera Elementary




Ladera Elementary takes pride in the recycling program developed on campus.  The school continuously makes an effort to instill a net zero environmental impact mentality, improving the health and performance of students and staff as well as ensuring environmental sustainability on campus.  Currently Ladera Elementary is in the process of obtaining Green Ribbon School status which is a nationally recognized program through the National Wildlife Federation and U.S. Department of Education.

The school has its very own “Eco Center”, a designated area where much of the recycling takes place, including sorting and storing of recyclable materials.

In the month of October, Ladera conducts a school wide recycling contest.   The contest encourages both students and parents to recycle their CRV bottles and cans.  Every year the school exceeds the amount of cans and bottles collected from the previous year.  In October 2013 the school was able to generate close to $1,200 from the Recycling Contest!!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are designated “trash free” days, where parents are asked to pack lunches with reusable containers, leaving cafeteria waste bins with considerably less trash going to the landfill.  In addition to trash free days, there are several other recycling efforts occurring during the lunch period such as the collection of empty juice pouches, lunchables containers, and chip bags for the Terracycle program.  They also collect CRV bottles and cans as well as recycle all lunch trays which the children purchase through the district as well as other recyclable items (i.e. CVUSD lunch trays, Danibals containers, aluminum foil, brown lunch bags).

The student council “Green team” is heavily involved with recycling efforts on campus.  There is a recycling committee which consists of a group of students who collect recyclables from all the rooms on campus twice a week.  They also do a great job motivating other students to celebrate National Recycling Day on November 15th as well as Earth Day on April 15th with Ladera’s own “Green Ribbon Week”.  During Green Ribbon Week, the students have various activities planned so that others will be inspired to recycle and make it part of their daily routine.

Ladera Elementary School was one of nine campuses chosen by the CVUSD Recycles Program to participate in a waste audit for the 2012/13 and 2013/14 school years.

Principal Lori Wall states, “We strive to help our students understand and learn that recycling is a very important part of life.  We hope they take the tools and use it to keep this world a healthy place as well as make a positive impact in this world”.