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Madrona Elementary School launched its recycling program in the fall of 2012 and has been going strong ever since. The campus recycling program began in conjunction with the CVUSD Recycles program and is led by the dedicated parent volunteers of the PTA. Through the CVUSD Recycles grant, the school received recycling containers, which have been strategically placed around the campus and lunch area. In addition, recycling containers were placed in each classroom to collect paper and empty water bottles. Each class now has one or two Student Recycling Coordinators, who collect the classroom paper and properly dispose of it in the campus recycling bin. They also started a weekly campus recycling drive, where parents are invited to drop-off their CRV bottles and cans collected at home to fund additional school projects and activities. Since its humble beginnings with just a couple of bags being dropped off at the “Madrona Tree” each week, the drive has evolved into a very successful weekly event.

Madrona Elementary School also has a Student Council led CRV Grade Drive, where each grade competes in a collection competition! The students bring in CRV recyclables from home and place it in a bin marked with their grade number and the Student Council Members count the material at lunch. After the quantities are tallied, the current standings are announced over the loudspeaker, further increasing recycling awareness on campus. Last year, this event alone raised almost $400, which allowed some teachers to facilitate special projects. The 5th Graders also won an extra recess – a win-win for all!!

Future plans include stacking and recycling the cardboard lunch boats, which would further reduce the amount of waste, possibly minimizing additional trash/recycling pick-ups, and encourage proactive recycling behavior. According to one of the committed PTA mothers, “Our goal is to continue to reduce our campus trash, and encourage our students to recycle at the same time.”


Every Friday the parent volunteers of the PTA Green Team quickly sort and bag the weekly recycling collected at morning drop off. They redeem the material at the local rePlanet recycling center, and then mail the receipt to rePlanet for an additional 10% profit. The first year was quite successful, and they hope to raise even more money this school year!

Interested in helping with the recycling program at Madrona Elementary School? Please email the Madrona Elementary School PTA at Keep on Recycling, and Go Mustangs!