Maple Elementary


Maple Elementary received recycling equipment through the CVUSD Recycles program. This includes 15- and 44-gallon collection containers, as well as a bottle-shaped container like the one shown here.Bottle-ShapedContainer

The school was recycling even before the CVUSD Recycles program started. In addition to collecting paper in the office and administration areas of the school, Student Council members have been collecting cans and bottles in the classrooms โ€“ as well as from parents every Fridayโ€“ so they can be redeemed for cash. The money is used to fund a Newbury Park High School Senior Scholarship

In addition to the collection containers, the school also received a storage shed through the CVUSD Recycles program. This isย used to store CRV items collected at the school before they are taken to the redemption center. Maple is also looking at increasing the amount of paper they recycle by having students collect paper from classrooms.

Like all other CVUSD schools, Maple has a separate dumpster designated specifically for recycling. All recyclable items can be placed in the dumpster together, as a single stream. No sorting is needed! The Districtโ€™s waste service provider, Waste Management, empties the recycling dumpster free of charge. So, the more Maple recycles, the more money they can save the District on waste disposal fees!

Contact: Juan Santos, (805) 498-6748,