Redwood Middle School






Redwood Middle School was one of nine CVUSD schools where staff from the CVUSD Recycles program conducted a waste audit. Results from the waste audits can be viewed on the CVUSD Recycles Waste Audits page. The audit determined that the school has the potential to raise over $4,000 per year by collecting and redeeming CRV items. The school received recycling equipment through the CVUSD Recycles program, including 38- and 60-gallon containers for common areas, as well as several smaller containers for inside each of the school’s classrooms.

With the equipment in place, the school is recycling bottles and cans (CRV), as well as paper, cardboard lunch trays and other recyclables. Students from the ASB class led by Ms. Stokx and Mr. Tash collect and sort the cans and bottles from central containers, while our class for students with Autism, led by Mrs. Sullivan, empty the recycling containers in each of the classrooms every Wednesday and Friday.

Critical to all of this is Richard, the school’s custodian. Not only does he help ensure all containers are emptied, cleaned and maintained, Richard takes cans and bottles to the redemption center every week!

The school also received a storage shed through the CVUSD Recycles program. The shed is used to store the CRV items collected at the school before they are taken to the redemption center. All other recyclable materials are placed in a separate dumpster designated specifically for recycling. The District’s waste service provider, Waste Management, empties the recycling dumpster free of charge. So, the more Redwood recycles, the more money they can save the District on waste disposal fees!