Walnut Elementary

WalnutWalnut Wildcats Recycle!

Did you know that recycling one glass bottle could power a computer for 30 minutes? Did you know that recycling one ton of mixed paper could save the energy equal to 185 gallons of gasoline?

Although Walnut has recycled for several years, the introduction of the District’s CVUSDRecycles Program, has increased our involvement and commitment to recycling school waste. Due to the grant the District received, our school now has recycling receptacles in the lunch shelter and in each classroom.

The students have been taught that classroom paper, the cardboard trays from the cafeteria, and water bottles are all accepted recyclable materials. Additional guidelines on acceptable recycling materials at school can be found here.

While the school is not currently redeeming bottles for cash now, we hope to further develop this opportunity in the future. In the meantime, students are learning to reduce … reuse … recycle!

Contact: Amy Hastings, (805) 498-3608, ahastings@conejousd.org