Westlake Elementary

Wizard Logo 2012Although Westlake Elementary has a short recycling history, within a single year the school went from recycling nothing to recycling almost all types of recyclable materials!

Ecological education and Earth Day-inspired involvement have been progressing since the schools’ foundation in the 1970s. Several years ago the school’s fifth grade created a bottle and can recycling program but it was discontinued. Then Westlake Elementary received recycling bins and students began to use them to collect recyclables during lunch.

The school received even more recycling equipment from the CVUSD Recycles program. Now, kids have great access to the recycling bins, students and teachers are using new recycling containers in each classroom, and teachers are instructing and inspiring students to utilize every opportunity to recycle!

Westlake Elementary students help with the waste audit at their school (Oct. 2012)

Westlake Elementary students help with the waste audit at their school (Oct. 2012)

Westlake Elementary was one of nine CVUSD schools where staff from the CVUSD Recycles program conducted a waste audit. Students, teachers and parents learned that the majority of recyclables were making it into the recycling bins but, so was some trash. The school became more motivated than ever to clean up their recycling habits.

Westlake Elementary plans to continue recycling all recyclable materials on campus. On Earth Day (April 22), students and parent volunteers collect bottles and cans on campus so they can be redeemed for cash. The school hopes to highlight both the profitability and the convenience of such an event.

Poetry, Jokes and Trivia are inspiring kids, parents and teachers to keep recycling fresh in their minds.  Poems like the one below are circulated on campus.

Perfect 10:  Tune in 2 Earth’s Vibe; Find Harmony in 8 Ways

Catch 1 wave of fresh air.
Sniff, Sniff if you dare.
Breathe 3 deep breaths; those are rare.
Take 4 breaths or 2 pair.
Smell the breeze of 5 trees’ hair.
Recycling paper 6 times it’s wear.
Cut a paper 7 ways to share.
Plant 8 trees to be fair.
Restore our source.
Show you care!

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