Students,Take Action for “Zero Waste Week”!



By Fallon Rabin


Get your school involved and participate in the Students for Zero Waste Week campaign! Zero Waste Week is a school-driven, week-long campaign to reduce land-based waste on school campuses and the community with the intention of moving towards zero waste. Attention is focused on reducing single-use plastic items and reducing your school’s energy use. “Zero Waste Week” campaigns will take place between March 21- April 22, 2016, Earth day! By choosing to participate in this campaign, you’ll be helping to bring awareness to your schools and communities about the harmful effects single use-plastic items and other types of litter have on our local watersheds, coastal lands, and ocean. You’ll also be raising awareness on how the health of the ocean is greatly impacted by the burning of fossil fuels. Registration deadline for Zero Waste Week is March 1, 2016.

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Plastic is forever folks! Meaning that it never actually goes away, it is only photo-degradable (Shrink) into microscopic particles. That makes it harder to cleanup and it is consumed by marine animals and/or floating with plankton. Humans eat the fish that have eaten the plastic, so then we are also eating the plastic!!! Fossil fuels that are burned to create single use plastic items releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The oceans absorb the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere at an alarming rate! Therefore, causing the oceans PH level to become more acidic and deteriorate plankton and other microscopic organisms shells. Eventually this will lead to an imbalance in the food chain and can disturb the entire ecosystem and way of life!

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Now that you have the 411 on why you should organize a “Zero Waste Week”, here are some ideas on how to reduce waste:

  • Replace plastic bags and bottles with reusable bags and bottles
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Use reusable eco-friendly plates instead of paper plates
  • Say NO to plastic straws, use paper or metal instead or don’t use one at all
  • Recycle and compost more
  • Buy in bulk
  • Turn your computers and other electrical devices off when not in use
  • Always say NO to products made with microbeads

Students, choose the best week for your school to participate between March 21st and April 22nd, and help us to become a Zero Waste society!! Students and their communities are encouraged to share their progress on social media using #zerowasteweek. Students for Zero Waste Week is also partnering with Litterati  by using Instagram to help document their litter hotspots and identify the most common brands and products that make up their litter profiles.

For more information about Zero Waste Week click HERE.