School’s Out, Summer is Here… Keep on Recycling!

NPHS students collect bottles and cans on campus

As we close the book on another school year, CVUSD Recycles would like to thank everyone on our campuses for their recycling efforts.  Without the support and participation of students, teachers, faculty, and parent volunteers, the program would not be a success. We would also like to remind you to keep up good recycling habits

Teen Volunteers Wanted for Creek Cleanup This Weekend


Join in the fun and make a difference this Saturday by helping remove trash and debris from a section of the Arroyo Conejo, right here in Thousand Oaks! What:  Trail & Waterway Cleanup Event When:  Saturday, May 9th Where:  625 W Hillcrest Drive (near the corner of Lynn Road and Hillcrest Drive) Advance registration is required! 

CRV Glass Recycling: How it’s Done

The Recycling Club collects materials from campus recycling containers in this mobile cart.

Welcome back and thank you for joining us for the third and final installment of the “How it’s Done” series! In case you missed it, earlier this week we explored how aluminum cans are recycled, and then we explored the recycling process for plastic bottles. Today, we’re going to find out how glass is recycled!

CRV Plastic Recycling: How it’s Done

A Mom from Madrona Elementary School helping sort CRV material.

Now that we know how aluminum cans are processed for recycling, let’s explore how plastic bottles are recycled! Just like aluminum cans, the recycling process starts with you and me, the consumers!  The bottles are then either picked up curbside by your waste hauler, such as Waste Management or EJ Harrison or transported personally to

CRV Aluminum Recycling: How it’s Done

Employees at the MRF sort material by hand as well as with machines that use magnets and streams of air to separate the material.

Each one of us plays a very important role in the recycling process. By tossing our cans and bottles into a recycling bin, we launch the beginning of a very important process that converts our water bottles into soda bottles, or the can that I’m drinking from today, into the can that you’ll be drinking

Happy Earth Day!


Tomorrow is the 45th annual Earth Day Celebration! Earth Day is an event observed every April 22nd, where people around the globe engage in various activities and celebrations in honor of our planet, pledging to do something to help protect the environment and enhance the community. Originally, Earth Day was inspired by a devastating oil

Permaculture… What Is It?

Buzzing Beehives at Ryland's garden!

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.”—Bill Mollison, Ryland Lancaster, a local permaculture expert, tells us more about permanent culture, the

Know before you Throw: the Scoop on Landfills


Do you know what a landfill is; have you ever been to one? I bet your trash has. Landfills are incredibly interesting places, often overlooked for their importance in the waste management system. We’ll explore some of the important questions about what it means to be a landfill so you can ‘know before you throw.’